A fat experience

Saturday, May 16, 2009

So, for anyone who is fat, you know how hard it is to shop for cute clothes.well last night I had to find a dress for graduation. I tried on a dress that I like and I looked hugely preggo. I tried another one and it looked like a tent. Finely I found one. I grabbed a size 16 like I was wearing but it didn't fit. I grabbed a 18 and still no luck. 20 ... Nope. Finally a 22 fit great. WOW. I am a fatass.

Not for long :)

Well I bought it and wore my tent proudly LOL and I walked across stage and got by diploma. I'm a fat, recent collge graduate Wooohooo.

On the positive side, I have not had a soda since Tuesday night!! I hope I can keep that up. I decreased my calories each day by over 1000 just by drinking water only.

Now my nubby and I are on our way to the casinos to celebrate my graduation. Hopefully I'll strike it rich!

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