In a blink of an eye...

Friday, June 8, 2012

If you are a friend of mine on fbook, you might have seen my statuses throughout the week but to recap, we had a horrific accident at our house. I'm typing this out because I really need to get this out of my head and put in on paper so to speak. Madisyn was upset when I picked her up from daycare because she had heard that Taylor's class (school age) was going to a water park and she wanted to go. I told her I had something better... playing on the trampoline with the sprinkler underneath. It was something I did as a kid and I remember having a blast. So, we came home, got the sprinkler out, got the girls in their swimsuits and let them have fun. It was time to get off the trampoline. Madisyn unzipped the enclosure and went to get down. She slipped. I had turned my back for a second and all I heard was a thud. It sounded like a hollow bowling ball had hit the ground. I immediately fell to my knees beside her. She wasn't moving. She was laying on her left side. Her eyes were WIDE open but her eyes were fixed staring at the sky to her right. She wouldn't respond. She was breathing but very shallow. I kept talking to her, screaming for my neighbors since my husband wasn't home. Taylor ran next door to get our neighbor Travis. He ran over, grabbed a blanket and covered Madi up. After about 2 minutes or so she moved her eyes and stared at me and started crying. While a wave of relief came over me, I noticed the large amount of blood pooling around her head. I called 911. I was trying to stay calm but I couldn't breathe. I told them my address and within a couple minutes I heard the ambulance. The paramedics came back and put compression on her head wound, put her in a cervical collar and rolled her onto a backboard. She was covered in blood and dirt in her bathing suit. I grabbed her blanket and her stuffed puppy. We were going to get into the ambulance until I foudn out they only had room for 1 person not 2 and since I had no one to watch Taylor we had to ride in my care. That was the longest drive over. I kept staring in the back of the ambulance hoping I wouldn't see anything happen. One hour after the incident, we made it to children's hospital. We were taken to a trauma room. She was really sleepy so they decided to do a CT scan. After three hours there, they said her CT was clear and they would let us leave. She was nauseaus but luckily my baby girl was alive. This morning I get a call saying that they reviewed her CT again and they were concerned with some blood that was found on her brain. I freaked on the inside but completely stayed calm on the outside. We had to go back. After another CT, we found out that while she did have a bleed, it had stopped and she was still considered stable. They let us leave after 3 hours there this morning. We came home and she has been awesome all day with the exception of a headache and a bit of nausea. I could have lost her. For 2 minutes I thought she was gone. I thought she was never going to wake up. I know it seems like 2 minutes is so fast, but it lasted forever. This could have been something completely different. Her story could be over. I'm not a real religious person but I fell to my knees and prayed. I prayed harder in those few minutes between the incident and the ambulance getting there. Hug your babies a little bit more tonight. Life can change in an instant and i'm thankful it didn't turn out in a negative way.


The Family Stone said...

So glad she is ok. That gave me chills just reading it. I didn't realize from Facebook how serious it was in the beginning. Hope both of you recover quickly! (So glad I found your blog...I'm following you now!)

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