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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

So, I backed out of the whole weightloss thing.


It sucks!

My first weigh-in left me heavier than what I was at my first weigh-in. So, I quit.

I'm a quitter :(

Then, I moved to a desk at work that is right in front of my boss's office, so that definitely limited my time to type of my blog, but then I realized.... he takes lunch LOL. So, here I am. Typing. While my boss is at lunch!

So, let's see... I have less than 3 months until I go to my class reunion. I'm still a fat mom. I was hoping to be more of a "fit" mom by the time reunion came around, but I doubt that will happen. Maybe I can be a "less-than-I-was" fat mom???

But where do I start?!?!?


That's where I am today. Hopefully I'll be somewhere better soon.


Liz said...

Hi! I saw a comment of yours on someone else's blog & had to come take a peek at yours. I'm working on losing weight myself. I'm a fat mom, too. Email me & I'll send you an invitation to my (private) blog for the journal I'm keeping. Maybe we can encourage each other.

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