Day 1

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Today is my first day of my diet.

Luckily, at work, we are doing a Fitness type program, so as part of that I had to weigh in.


I weighed a jaw-dropping 251lbs.

I weighed 145lbs when I met my husband.

I weighed 190lbs when I had my first daughter.

I weighed 212lbs when I had my second daughter.

So, officially I weigh more today than I did when I was 9 months pregnant.


Anyways, this is it for me. I can't live this way anymore. So, for breakfast, I had a fruit & walnut salad from McDonalds. This is a HUGE change because I would normally have a few donuts and then snick snack all day. Not anymore!

So, let's see what I can do. I want to lose 30lbs by the end of the summer.

That is completely doable.

Wish me luck!


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