Fat Girl on a Mission

Saturday, January 26, 2013

I tend to come and go between posting several times a week and not posting at all but today I had a major epiphany in regards to my weight loss but before I post that, let me catch you up to date with where I am today.

On December 9th, I stepped on the scale and had a slap in the face. I hit my high weight... 261 pounds. I was saddened, mortified, disgusted, etc. I wasn't eating out of control, but I knew I wasn't eating correctly. On top of that, I knew something more was wrong. So, I made an appointment for my physician. I heard the words from her that I never want to hear again. "You have insulin resistance, Type II Diabetes". WHAT!!! I'm 32 years old and now my life is at risk all because I'm overweight and not taking care of myself appropriately. I was done.

After my physician talked to me about my diagnosis, she also offered to put me on some medication that should counteract the PCOS (Polycycstic Ovary Syndrome) which is a big reason for my weight gain, fatigue, infertility and insulin resistance. That drug is Metformin. She also recommended that if I was serious about the weight loss that I consider using Adapex to just get things boosted and going. I hate taking meds, but this time it is serious. So I grabbed the prescriptions and left.

I made my 8 mile drive back to work and cried the majority of the way. How did I let my life get so out of control that I had to worry about my future? What about my children? I know Diabetes is not a death sentence, but I didn't want to even think about the potential consequences. I was going to change this time.

So, I filled my prescriptions, and made a vow to change myself. I know it is difficult to diet during Christmas... but I did. Within 4 weeks, I lost 21 pounds. On January 10th, I stepped on my physician's scale and she was elated with my progress. I am making the decision to become an overall better person. I'm walking on a regular basis, using my elliptical machine which did nothing but gather dust in my garage over the past few years, and I'm tracking my calorie intake. Now, this month, I've only lost 3 lbs but that is mainly because of stress at work, but I'm about to turn it up again and start focusing back on me.

Anyways, there's my update. Thank you for all of the follows recently!


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