Can you die from food withdrawal???

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wow. My first day not snacking all day long and I seriously believe I'm going to die. Now, I know I won't die, but this is hard.

I have drank so much water that I feel like I'm floating to and from the bathroom LOL.

My lunch consisted of a baked potatoe with fat free cheese, just a smidge of butter and a couple bacon bits. Not bad. I also had some fruit, so that was a nice way to top it off. I guess my lunch was around 400 Calories, so I'm definitely impressed since my previous lunch would probably be closer to 1000 or 1300 Calories. ;)

So, here I am. Taking a break at work, typing on here for a few minutes to vent my frustration about feeling like I am starving even though I'm not.

I have decided NOT to buy a scale. I will continue doing my weekly weigh in at work otherwise I will obsess over my weight and that definitely won't help.

Tonight I'm going to take some pictures so I have some before and afters. Hopefully this will be my motivation. Other than a few headshot pics for facebook, I haven't taken any pictures of myself in YEARS!!! I guess we will see how that works out.

Anyways, I'm up to 4 Followers! Woo! :D Thanks for your support!

Breaks over. Time to get back to work!


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