Ok. I suck.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I pull up my blogger on a regular basis, but I can't find the words to type. I don't want to be judged by total strangers regarding my entire life, but then again, maybe that is what I need. I need honesty in my life. I need compassion but tough love. I need someone to tell my fat ass to get off the couch and go work out.

While I love my husband with every inch of my soul, he just isn't doing that job anymore. He has an injured foot and while that didn't stop him from running around Washington D.C. during our recent vacation, it does limit him from what type of workouts he can perform and I guess because he can't perform the workouts that he wants, then there is no need for him to do anything. But who am I to judge?

So, let me reintroduce myself. My name is Robin. I'm a food-aholic. I love food. Food of all vareties. I love to eat during my free time, but most of all I love to spend time eating. When I get stressed out, I eat. When I get bored, I eat. When I am too busy to do anything, I always make time to eat. But that is changing now.

So, I'm here... trying to become "The Blog Formerly Know as The Confessions of a Fat Mom" :) Who knows, maybe I can do it :)


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