Humiliation from someone I should trust

Sunday, June 21, 2009

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As some of you might have heard, I had an absolutely eye-opening, humiliating doctor's appt on Friday. Basically my physician belittled me and told me that the only way I could lose weight would be to go to weight watchers. He was plugging WW the entire 15 minutes. I was horrified when he told me I was his "biggest" patient. I know I am not, but it still mortified me to hear that come out of his mouth. So, I decided to change. I'm going to really start working out every night.. track my food and get my husband and kids to do this with me! Wish me luck!

The beginning.. the end.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

So, I backed out of the whole weightloss thing.


It sucks!

My first weigh-in left me heavier than what I was at my first weigh-in. So, I quit.

I'm a quitter :(

Then, I moved to a desk at work that is right in front of my boss's office, so that definitely limited my time to type of my blog, but then I realized.... he takes lunch LOL. So, here I am. Typing. While my boss is at lunch!

So, let's see... I have less than 3 months until I go to my class reunion. I'm still a fat mom. I was hoping to be more of a "fit" mom by the time reunion came around, but I doubt that will happen. Maybe I can be a "less-than-I-was" fat mom???

But where do I start?!?!?


That's where I am today. Hopefully I'll be somewhere better soon.